Useful For Moms: Safest Diaper Rash Remedy For Baby 2022

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What Is The Safest Diaper Rash Remedy For Baby? Poor baby! When diaper rash prevention doesn’t do the job, it’s time to get serious about treating the baby’s diaper rash and healing his sensitive skin!

Below you’ll find tips for a variety of the diaper rash remedies we use—from the most natural to the most medicated. 

Choose what feels best for your baby and according to the severity of his diaper rash.

Safest Diaper Rash Remedy For Baby from the Most Natural to the More Medicated

Safest Diaper Rash Remedy For Baby
Safest Diaper Rash Remedy For Baby

#1 Apply Coconut Oil

coconut oil for diaper rash for baby
coconut oil for diaper rash for baby

It’s the safest, most natural diaper rash remedy out there! But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful! 

It’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and so soothing to a baby’s delicate skin.

I buy a big jar of it for cooking and then put a little in a small container on my changing table and in my diaper bag.

It’s solid so just rub a little bit between your fingers to make it spreadable.

  • TIP: Use Coconut Oil As an All-Natural Moisturizer

I also use coconut oil as a moisturizer on the baby’s skin, especially right after a bath or when giving my baby an infant massage.

I find it healing for my son Joseph’s eczema and apply it morning and night to seal and moisturize his skin.

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#2 Use Damp Paper Towels Instead of Disposable Wipes

Avoid using store-bought wipes when the baby’s bottom is red and sore. The alcohol in some disposable wipes can sting.

Using a damp paper towel instead will prevent any additional irritation to an already tender area.

Or, opt to use cloth baby wipes with my homemade natural baby wipe solution for continuous protection and comfort for the baby’s bottom!

For Moderate Diaper Rashes Safely:

I apply Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment with Vitamin A and E with its healing active ingredient of zinc oxide.

It’s enriched with chamomile, which moisturizes and soothes, and contains sweet almond oil and beeswax. It’s phthalate and paraben-free.

I like the thick coating this ointment provides baby. It not only helps heal but protects with its natural barriers as well. This is my favorite diaper rash ointment.

For Severe Diaper Rashes Safely:

Apply my homemade medicated diaper rash cream. With my twins, I encountered a diaper rash I had never seen before.

The skin around the anus was inflamed and very red. Their little bottoms even had a few raw patches that bled.

I felt horrible. I took them to our pediatrician, and she gave me the following recipe for this medicated diaper rash cream that packs a punch.

It is highly medicated, so I only use it when the rash has progressed to the point of needing some medical intervention.

Track Down the Cause of Baby’s Diaper Rashes For Future Prevention

In addition to topically treating a baby’s diaper rash, knowing the cause will help you prevent skin irritation from reoccurring in the future.


Antibiotics For Baby

A recent round of antibiotics can cause diarrhea and a sore bottom! 

Dr. Sears recommends putting a diaper cream with zinc oxide like Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment around the umbilicus after every diaper change during antibiotic use.

In addition, babies who are on antibiotics or who are being breastfed by mothers who are taking antibiotics are at a higher risk for yeast infections.

Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the body that keep the yeast always in check. 

Without the balance of good bacteria, the yeast will grow more abundantly, resulting in a yeast diaper rash.

A yeast diaper rash needs to be treated with an anti-fungal cream. Try using coconut oil or an over-the-counter ointment containing clotrimazole.

  • TIP: Give Your Child Dr. Approved Probiotics During Antibiotic Use

On the rare occasions when I have a child in diapers taking antibiotics, I’ll open a capsule of probiotics (like acidophilus) daily and pour 1/3 of it into his mouth.

If I’m breastfeeding, I’ll be sure to take one daily as well to ensure the replacement of the good bacteria in the intestinal flora during his or her antibiotic use.

It takes the body 6 months to replace the good bacteria on its own. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about this crucial health step until my third child was born. 

Now, we try to take a probiotic supplement daily as well as eat yogurt full of probiotic bacteria (check the ingredients)

I’ll even toss some in my kids’ juices or smoothies. It has very little taste, so it is easily consumed.

Probiotics are crucial in maintaining a healthy gut and a strong immune system.

Food Sensitivities

Food Sensitivity For Babys
Food Sensitivity For Babys

With the introduction of solid foods, you’ll also notice a change in the baby’s stools. This is normal.

However, if he starts having a persistent diaper rash, try to determine the culprit. Too many acidic foods in his diet can cause irritation.

Baby could also be demonstrating an allergic reaction to a food you (if you’re breastfeeding) or he recently ate.

If you suspect a food allergy may be the cause, check out this detailed chart of the common signs of food sensitivitiesEliminate the food for about 2 weeks and note any changes.

If you need further assistance, try the elimination diet to help you determine the allergens!

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Too Long Wearing a Wet or Soiled Diaper

The baby could have simply been wearing a wet or soiled diaper for too long. Make a mental note to change him more frequently to prevent unnecessary redness in the future.

Here’s some more helpful information for identifying your baby’s specific diaper rash along with more great diaper rash remedy options.

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