How to Make Homemade Natural Baby Wipe Solution 2022

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Homemade Natural Baby Wipe Solution: After making or buying gentle cloth wipes, you need a safe way to clean and disinfect the baby’s diaper area! You’ll love this simple recipe for my natural wipe solution!

The soap does the cleansing. The tea tree oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal (to help combat yeast diaper rashes)!

Wow! All that from a few drops of this powerful oil! Dr. Bonner’s soap is unscented, so you reduce the risk of irritating the baby’s skin with any added fragrance.

Homemade Natural Baby Wipe Solution

 Homemade Natural Baby Wipe Solution
Homemade Natural Baby Wipe Solution

Ingredients for Natural Baby Wipe Solution

You’ll Also Need:

A plastic container for soaking and storing extra wipes (I recommend using an 8-cup/64-oz. rectangular disposable container). A wipe warmer.

Simple Instructions:

  • Pour measured Dr. Bonner’s soap and tea tree oil into a plastic container.
  • Add a little water and swish until soap, tea tree oil and water are well-mixed.
  • Put cloth diaper wipes into plastic container.
  • Fill to the top with water.

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Use At Home or On the Go

Just like disposable wipes, cloth wipes can be used at home stored in a wipe warmer or on the go!

  • TIP: When Away from Home, Spray Your Cloth Wipes with Natural Wipe Solution

I have toted these with me in my diaper bag! Bring your homemade “Natural Wipe Solution” in a travel spray bottle.

When baby needs a diaper change…

  • Wet your cloth wipes with warm water.
  • Squirt it with your solution.
  • Use it.
  • Take it home in your waterproof drawstring wet bag to be washed. Take a look at the Fuzzibunz Diaper Tote with Zipper as an option!

I use these wipes on the go, especially when my babies are newborns or when they have diaper rash because the solution is so safe and mild on their delicate skin.

An alternative in a pinch is to simply blot the baby’s bottom with a damp paper towel in place of a wipe.

You can easily washcloth wipes with a load of your cloth diapers or with a load of towels if you aren’t cloth diapering (especially if the baby isn’t eating solids yet).

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