Safe Toddler Montessori Activities At Home For 1-2 Years Old 2021

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Hello, my name is Nancy. I am a wife and a mom of two daughters and today I’m going to give you a perfect step-by-step guide to starting the toddler Montessori activities at home that will cost you $0. All you have to do is just sit back relax and take your coffee or snacks and read this article fully at least once.

If you implementing these toddler Montessori activities at the early age of your baby then you basically preparing them for life. Because toddler Montessori activities do not only boost their impedance and self-esteem but also made the foundation for learning, writing, observing, focusing on one thing, and many more life skills. In short, you will prepare them for life just by teaching them Montessori basics at home.

We’re not gonna implement every single thing that Montessori says in our home with our child. The first resource that I got was actually a Montessori book.

You don’t have to get it obviously today is about spending no money. I was speaking to a friend who had done Montessori with her son and she recommended this book and so a lot of what I’m gonna be referencing is out of here.

Why I am Interested in Toddler Montessori Activities?

Toddler Montessori Activities and Montessori teaching at home


I’m gonna start with the fact that I was impressed with my friend’s son and what he was able to do with chores or tasks around the house.

Another reason I am interested in toddler Montessori activities was that her son was able to independently help her with a lot of things that I was really impressed by at a young age and things that maybe you don’t think about a young child being able to do.

A Book On Practical Guide to The Toddler Montessori Activities

This Book is a recommendation of that same mother I said to you earlier about that her son is able to do so many things at his young age. I will give you all toddler Montessori activities and also the main tips and tricks from this book.

Book on toddler montessori actiivities

I’m not gonna go over today the first thing that I learned in one of the early chapters of this book which was very interesting and new and not something that I heard through other resources was the connection between a child’s hand and their bridge.

Connection Between Mind and Hand Of Baby?

So Montessori actually says “Never give to the mind more than you give to the hand”. Which I think is really interesting and important at the same time. The author basically talking about how from infancy you should let a child have access to their hands to learn about their hands.

She said that most parents are very intrigued by gross motor skills and gross motor milestones like walking and crawling or climbing stairs but for whatever reason, we’re not as concerned or bothered by our child’s fine motor skills from 0 to 3. However, she argues that those are even more important than gross motor skills.

For this reason, she talks about giving your child toddler Montessori activities that they can work where they are working with their hand. Basically, the hand sends signals to their brain and then their brain takes that new information and sends more directions back to the hand to continue to work.

For Example, You can use toys like rattles to encourage them to use their hands

1) Basics of Toddler Montessori Activities at Home 

Toddler Montessori activities

The first thing you should do is to observe is your child’s movements and how they are using their hands. So maybe they want to do something like push things around with their hands, maybe they’re very interested in picking up tiny pieces with their pincher grass, maybe they’re interested in emptying small containers of their contents.

Is about actually just observing your child. Once you started observing your child just try to see what types of tasks or skills your child is attempting to master. They’re going to do things over and over again because they’re trying to master a certain skill.

For Example, Maybe they’re interested in putting things back into a container, maybe they’re interested in inlining things up you should observe your child and see what they are doing with the items that are already around them. That is the first thing you can do to implement toddler Montessori activities at home.

What after Observing?

So once you observe what they’re doing you can try to create scenarios in your environment where they can practice what they’re trying to master. This doesn’t require you to buy anything new. If they really like emptying containers then fill containers up with just stuff you have around the house. So that they can empty it.

If they really like putting things back then arrange their playroom with maybe a pile of things and an empty container so that they can put things back in. so that was one of the first things that I did was just to observe Olivia (My Daughter) and see what she was really interested in and try to give her a play space that reflected whatever she was into at the moment.

2) Don’t Interrupt Them

The next thing that I did is that I stopped interrupting her or kind of hovering near her when she was working on something.

Montessori talks about how play is a child’s work. So you wouldn’t want to be interrupted if you were doing something important at work, isn’t it? So the child doesn’t want to be interrupted either.

One thing I’m not that good at is I still say “Good job!” all the time and Montessori definitely tells you not to do that but. The main reason why I try not to when I don’t is that I don’t want to interrupt her or break her concentration. Basically, I try not to interrupt her when she is practicing something.

3) Moving Things From Their Place

Another amazing way that you can implement toddler Montessori activities at home and also one of the very first things that we did is to move the items that your child is going to need for any routine such as bedtime to a place. Where they can access them on a low shelf.

Now I’m going to give you an example where we keep Olivia’s toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom and we basically just said go get your toothbrush. At first, it’s like I don’t know what’s happening but after day one of trying this I was like “I don’t know if this is ever gonna work?”.

To be honest it did not take long at all. Now we can say go get your toothbrush and your toothpaste. She knows where it is and we can also say put them back sometimes. We have to say it multiple times but she knows where to go and she puts them back.

Unique Montessori Approach at Home

Toddler montessori activities

So we have her toothbrush and her toothpaste in a place she can grab, we have her pajamas in a place that she can grab, and also we tried to do this with several routines in her day including diapering.

So we brought down the things that we need for her diaper change onto the floor in a little basket and we asked her to give us the diaper, the wipes, and the lotion, and everything else.

In case we ever need to ask her for them we also asked her to put things back additionally. We put items that she needs to go outside at a level that she can grab them. So we already had that basket. We didn’t spend any extra money we just kind of cleared out a little spot for it and we put her shoes in there we put her hat, her coat, and her sunglasses so she can grab the things that she needs to go outside

4) Going out Independently

Montessori talks about going outside without an agenda and just allowing the child to walk by themselves and it is so important because once they’re able to walk for them to get outside. They will be one step ahead of learning things in a faster way. Walk every day so as long as the weather isn’t crazy.

We try to get outside with Olivia every day and go for a walk. Actually, Montessori really does not think that a child who can walk independently should be strapped into things like a stroller. But exceptions like car seats which are needed when it came to safety are always there.

Should I follow this step?

I don’t follow this completely but I see the logic the child should really be able to use their new skill and work on their own. You should just let them wander like at a park.

Obviously, be close to them but don’t say like “oh! Let’s go this way or Oh! let’s walk down this street and then this street”. Let the child lead you and just kind of watch them, observe them.

You don’t need to create anything for them to be interested. In so aside from just having them outside and allowing them to walk and not be in their stroller too often.

Montessori actually says that once your child should walk and you should really not be over caring for them much if at all during the day. Keep eye on them but don’t be over caring for them and stop them from doing what they want if it looks safe.

We have Olivia unless we are in an absolute rush. We have her go up the stairs with us very closely monitoring but we have her walk up the stairs. She can’t really go down the stairs yet. So we do carry her down but we have her go up the stairs and we have her walk around the house.

Montessori even talks about like from the car to go into a store or somewhere else, that you should just get them out and hold their hand very tightly and walk them inside. I don’t do this all the time but I see why because they’re saying like do this now before they hit 2 or 3 years old and they’re really gonna fight you on holding your hand in a parking lot.

5) Take Their Help

Another way you can implement toddler Montessori activities at home is you can teach your children how to help you with various tasks. Some easy tasks that come to mind are emptying the dishwasher, doing the laundry in the laundry, and saying “Thank you!, Can you put these in the laundry, Thank you can you press this button right here, good job putting things away.

As soon as I learned about Montessori I started having her turn the light off, every time she left a room she turns the light off or turns the light on. I let her close the door which she can do and she loves to do.

All of those things where they’re helping you like on laundry or opening and closing doors or turning off the light that’s what Montessori calls practical life.

Toddler Montessori Activities For Practical Life Things

I’m really interested in getting Olivia to help more it seems like 15 months isn’t the age that Montessori talks about a lot as far as practical life.

Olivia was 13 months old and she’s still able to do some of this stuff and has been doing it for a month already but 15 months is the time when children are really primed to help you with practical life things around the house. So if you’re just coming up on 15 months it’s a really good time.

Now to think about and learn the ways to involve your child in your practical life it’s not too late though If your child is already past 15 months to start teaching them these things

6) Teach Them Self Care

You can allow them to try to brush their teeth before you get a turn or you allow them to brush their hair before you get a turn or you even allow them to try to put lotion on themselves.

This is something I’ve just started with Olivia but you wouldn’t allow your child just to start taking care of their own body and to know what it means, Right? Just teach them to take care of themselves and to feel that sense of pride and I can take care of myself

So other things I’m looking forward to teaching Olivia but she’s not quite there yet are dressing, pulling up and down her own pants, and putting her coat on herself. the other thing you can do which we don’t do and it’s probably just out of laziness.

So you can lay two outfits out in the ground and just have them pick they’re not gonna really know what they’re doing right away but eventually they may realize that the avid. I think is that outfit that ends up on me so again you’re just giving them choice and responsibility for taking care of themselves.

7) Design A space For Toddler Montessori Activities

Something else you can do to try toddler Montessori activites at home is that You can design the space. Designs probably the wrong word because I don’t want you to think that this is going to cost you money. But you can arrange your space to have two things for your child.

One is to have a yes space for them. Montessori talks about a “Yes Space” that your child has a place where they can’t quote-unquote, get into trouble. Where anything that they get into it should be okay for them.

This was little for us because of the big space but we finally made something like a baby-safe place. Now I really didn’t have to tell her no to go within that safe space. The point behind this is that there should not be interrupted.

So they can explore and learn independence without constant interruption from you. Because if you have to say “oh no, don’t touch that or oh no! not that over there” you’re basically interrupting them and you’re actually taking away their ability to grow independence. But they do not need you while they’re playing along with the “Yes spaces”

8) Be Little Creative with Toddler Montessori Activities

You can also make a movement space for them. Now without money, you might have to be a little bit creative but something that we’ve done is we just take the cushions off the couch and kind of lay them in front of the couch. So it’s sort of gives her steps where she can climb up onto the couch and she practices her gross motor skills.

She jumps on the couch, or she can practice stepping down but it’s really soft because there are just cushions there. So we haven’t had any sort of like incidents with that. Because obviously, we are there.

We’re not hovering over her but we’re watching to make sure that she’s getting up and down safely but we’re giving her space where she can move freely and she likes to twirl and she likes to walk backward right now.

So basically we tried to give her a movement space where there are soft things all around her and she can’t hurt herself

Caution About Setting up Montessori at Home

Remember when you start trying toddler activities don’t try to do everything at once or expect your child to get everything at once. It’s okay to just focus on a few things at once and take it slowly. It’s also okay if your child doesn’t do it the first time or the second time or the third time. Just keep giving them the same prompts the same wording and then help them

With the chair, for instance, I would say “Olivia, Let’s push the chair” and if she just runs away then I push it alone and I say “Mommy’s gonna push the chair in” and then maybe the next time she will help me which she has it really does work – You just have to model it for them.

Fun To Do Toddler Montessori Activities

1) Animal Game

Place three animals on a solid-colored placemat. Point to one of the animals and introduce it. Ask for it. Point to it again and ask for its name. Say, “This is a giraffe, Can you give me the giraffe?, Which one is this?

When the children get to know what the animals are called, it’s time to bring out the name cards. Emphasizing the sound the letters make as you place them next to the animal adds extra exposure for learning the alphabet. It is amazing to observe how quickly kids catch on to the matching game.

2) Colors

This one of my personal favorite Montessori activities. This is an almost free way to introduce colors and their names. Rainbows of colors can be added once the basics are learned. Paint companies supply color samples for free at Home Depot or your local hardware store.

Putting together a little color book is as easy as punching a hole in the corner of each color sample and then grouping the colors on an individual binder ring.

I write the name of the color on each sample. The color samples can be taken off the binder ring so the Three Period lesson can be followed.

Absorbent Mind and Sensitive Periods

Something else that book says about the toddler Montessori activities is that from age zero to six a child has what she calls an “absorbent mind”. They are absorbing everything around them in their environment and it’s a very sensitive period in their lives where they can take in a lot of information. Their brain is just processing this information in an amazing way.

The other thing that she says is that “Children have a sensitive period for order during this time so they’re looking for order in their lives. They want routine and they want to know that something happens in order.”

So another way to implement toddler Montessori activities is to create a Montessori environment at home is you can create routines that have an order and you can teach them to your child. Once they know the order of something let them help to accomplish it.

This is also important to keep in mind if you’re trying to teach your child how to clean or empty the dishwasher or wipe a counter, or something else like that you want to always do it the same way.

Even though there may be multiple ways to do it. But until your child learns how to do it, you want them to see you do it the same way over and over again. Because in their brains they’re looking for the order they’re looking for something that makes logical sense and happens the same way every time.

Video On Toddler Montessori Activities By @Lovely Things With Abby



I hope that this article was helpful for you. Remember Toddler Montessori activities are really not about expensive toys. Sure that’s like a very small part of it but that’s not the most important part.

The most important part is teaching your child independence and giving them opportunities to increase their attention span by allowing them to do something that they are interested in over and over again without any interruption from you and giving them that yes space where they can just explore and do the things that they’re excited about without you monitoring

In that you don’t have to stop them from what they’re doing they can just continue and get really engrossed in an activity and excited about the activity and just do it for as long as they want to. So if this blog has been helpful for you let us know in comments that are you going to use these techniques for implementing Montessori at home?

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